SME Savvy

Pilchard was one of the first ‘sme centric’ agencies to recognise that food & drink was evolving at breakneck speed providing ownable niches for ambitious challenger brands.

The rise of online platforms, a lessening dependence on the major mults accelerated the demise of lethargic, one-size-fits-all brands and fuelled a growing appreciation of what constitutes ‘real food.’ Elsewhere, the emergence of diverse ‘minority food’ causes (vegan, coeliac, keto), a growing appetite for healthier offerings, 'slow food' and real ingredients created a vibrant landscape where ambitious, have-a-go founders could step forward and test their entrepreneurial mettle.|

We'll always drop in to help ambitious brands find their voice!

Food & drink is so much more than body fuel, so let’s treat it with the respect it deserves!