About Pilchard

A vocal advocate for ambitious, underdog brands looking to raid and dismantle the nation’s historically predictable food & drink landscape.

Pilchard set sail in 2004, buoyed by a niggling suspicion that growing numbers of emerging yet over-stretched food & drinks brands could benefit from access to thoughtful, ‘everyday affordable’ marketing during their formative months and years.

As a fleet-finned incubator agency for emerging food & drinks brands, Pilchard is well-versed in generating engaging, ‘positive noise;’ providing nimble- minded clients with all the essential ‘early doors’ marketing tools needed to put their best foot forward.

Pilchard advocates an honest, hands-on approach that champions compelling brand values and straight talking over empty noise, pointless peacocking and predictable ‘beige-ness’.

Underdog brands with limited budgets understand that success hinges upon knowing when to sit back and when to press home any advantage.

In a world of clutter and big biz pre-eminence, timing is everything.