Pilchard clients come in every imaginable shape, size and guise!
Yes, we have an enthusiastic leaning towards food & drink but we’re not a one-trick fish, because sound marketing principles travel seamlessly across any category.

Whether your stance is indulgent Friday Night, nutritionally well-rounded, sincerely sustainable or functionally formidable matters not a jot; just as long as your ambition is sincere to re-energise or reimagine product sectors that have lost their way.

As a broad rule-of-fin, Pilchard clients tend to consist of:

Audacious start-ups happy to ruffle ‘establishment’ feathers
Troubled stuck-in-a-rut ‘soles’ keen to change direction & rekindle past success
Mischievous disruptors no longer happy to swim in the shadows

On the other hand, Pilchard is many things but we are NOT:

A Puffer Fish

We’re small biz savvy and we don’t overinflate our prices

A Puffer Fish

We don’t procrastinate or hang around any longer than we’re needed

A Puffer Fish

We never pander, over-promise or dabble in wooliness